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  • All the tradition of this legendary dough: extra light spongy bread wrapped in a crispy golden crust.

  • Natural cracks, intense colour and flour sprinkled surface. Crunchy outside and soft inside.

    panino rustico

  • Selected wheat, barley, oats and rye flours with the addition of seeds and grains.

    panino rustico

  • Water, flour and a pinch of yeast mixed and left to rise for over 16 hours.

    panino rustico

panino salumi

Our cold cuts come from our own selected livestock. We do not use lactose, gluten, glutamate and polyphosphates but only sea salt, spices, honey and wine. Superior quality products that we rarely have the opportunity to eat at home every day, but make all the difference to us!

panino formaggi

Our first ingredient? fresh milk ... and naturally straight from the dairy farm, it is only thanks to this masterfully processed raw material that we are able to obtain excellent cheeses such as the mozzarella, toma, ricotta, stracchino soft cheese that we use in our panini. These are not details ... but priorities for us!

Freshly prepared produce!

Thanks to the use of highest quality ingredients, not industrially produced but supplied by local providers, we can prepare our panini which are unique in taste and tradition!