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"It maybe just a dream, but if there is passion why not dream?"

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Passione Panino is an enterprise founded after years of experience in the fast food sector where, with the collaboration and experience of professional artisans, we have succeeded in achieving levels of excellence in a traditional product that is loved by all: THE PANINO. We searched for superior ingredients from the best local suppliers, people and not companies that share our values ​​and our idea:
"Making simple things!"

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We have a passion for quality, so we work every day to guarantee freshly prepared and not industrial products, the provenance of which we are certain. Quality at an affordable price! Because good is not synonymous of expensive for us. Passione Panino is a business project in which we want to instil and realise our values, where people are always at the centre, from collaborators to consumers.

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Our philosophy focuses on the belief that we can work and enjoy ourselves while our values ​​and people. We believe in simplicity, good food and things done together. We strive to be as transparent as our project, where today a glance at the past is more important than ever need in order to move on to the future. Come and visit us and you will understand, it is not only an opportunity but a dream ... ours!

Selected superior quality raw materials!

Passione Panino has chosen La Granda! An agricultural and livestock policy that is not only sustainable, but above all intelligent.

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Passione Panino is now international too!

Passione Panino is now international too!

An important step because it is what will take us abroad: Passione Panino is now open in Shaffhausen, Switzerland. For those remaining in Italy, why not visit the stores in Moncalieri, Torino.


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